A Curated List of Engineering Design Datasets for use in Design Generation and Other Applications

Lyle Regenwetter1, Amin Heynari Nobari1, Faez Ahmed1



Explore Parametric Design/ CAD Datasets:

Structural and Topology Optimization

Most papers on DGMs for Topology Optimization generate their own datasets, which are often not publicly available. The most common method for dataset generation is Solid Isotropic Material with Penalisation (SIMP), which has several publicly available software implementations. A few TO datasets, however, are open source.


Well-established technologies such as optical microscopy (OM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) are often used to visualize material microstructures. As such, numerous datasets of microstructure scan images are publicly available, and we only list some. provides a list of Materials Science Datasets.

Design Geometry

The UIUC airfoil database has been used as a case study in several generative design research frameworks. proposes an approach to augment the dataset.


Explore Sketch Datasets:


This truss design dataset doubles as a dataset on which to study sequential human design decisions. The dataset is included in the supplementary material of the paper